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Inpatient Hospital

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The words "inpatient hospital" are associated by Russians with the place painted with weathered paint up to the middle of the walls, the smell of bleach in the hallways, and six-bed wards. But the Multidisciplinary Surgical Inpatient Hospital (MSIH) of the FEFU Medical Center destroys prevailing stereotypes.

MSIH offers 205 beds and is located on the top four floors of the Medical Center. All wards are of a hotel type: there is a fridge with freezer, table, wardrobe, TV-set, air conditioning, and air purification system. Multifunctional beds allow you to adjust the position of the bed at your convenience with a special remote control. There are consoles with a centralized oxygen supply for oxygen-dependent patients. Bathroom is equipped for the needs of people with disabilities. All wards and bathrooms are equipped with emergency call buttons connected to the centralized nurse annunciator panel.

The inpatient hospital is equipped with modern facilities for carrying out manipulations and dressing of all types of complexity. 

A family-oriented approach is one of the main principles of the work of the inpatient hospital. Someone close to the patient, regardless of her/his age, may stay in the ward around the clock throughout the treatment. To do this, all the necessary conditions have been created. While the patient is in intensive care, the relatives may also be next to her/him in this complicated period of life. The whole family can stay in the deluxe suite together with the patient until s/he gets well. Free unlimited Wi-Fi Internet access is available for visitors and patients throughout the entire Medical Center. The wards are spacious 2-room ones. One ward features two bathrooms.

Food service is centralized in the inpatient hospital. Patients do not need to descend to the dining room. Food is delivered in special lunch box containers, where a certain temperature is maintained up to 12 hours. On request the dietitian may create your individual nutrition plan.