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Children's Surgery

Children's outpatient surgery at the FEFU Medical Center will allow you to get rid of many types of diseases without a full-time hospitalization and a long stay in hospital. Now, the organism does not need a long recovery time after the surgery of low and medium complexity.


- Abdominal wall hernia of any localization in children and adolescents of all ages by using microsurgical and laparoscopic technologies

- Vascular tumors of the skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs (hemangiomas, limphangiomas, and combined tumors)

- Benign and malignant tumors of different localization. Removal of skin growths (nevus, hemangioma, sebaceous cyst, etc.). Conservative and surgical therapies are used in the treatment.

- Surgical treatment in inguinal and abdominal cryptorchidism; preventive orchiopexy in monorchism

- Removal of epididymal cysts (spermatocele), hydatid (hydatid torsion), orchectomy (torsion and necrosis of testicle, testicular cancer)

- Varicocele in children and adolescents by using laparoscopic technology and microsurgical techniques

- Surgeries using minimally invasive, gentle techniques with: Cryptorchidism (undescended testicle), hernia of any localization, hydrocele (accumulation of fluids around a testicle), hypospadias, etc.

- Malformations of the skin, soft tissues, internal organs including the digestive tract (stomach membrane, duodenum, pyloric stenosis, incomplete intestinal rotation,  mesenteric cyst, cyst of parenchymal organs, etc.) Modern technologies, such as CT, MRI, ultrasound diagnostics, and laboratory studies are used in the diagnosis and treatment

- Pyo-inflammatory diseases of the skin, soft tissues, bones and joints, including ingrown nails, cramps, arthritis, phlegmons, abscesses, and furunculosis. Modern technologies are widely used in treatment

- Diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis with the use of laparoscopic technology

- Diagnosis and treatment of constipation in children (megacolon, dolihosigma)

- Wound treatment in traumatic and thermal soft tissue injuries (wounds, burns, and frostbite)

- Emergency operations at purulent diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue (dissection of abscesses, boils, paraproctitis, anal fissures, etc.)

- Removal of neoplasms of the skin using Surgitron

- Surgical treatment of constriction of the foreskin (phimosis)

Benefits of outpatient surgery:

- Full surgical treatment in comfortable conditions and only for 1 day

- The use of minimally invasive surgical techniques that do not require long-term rehabilitation

- Shorter recovery period is not taking place in a hospital setting, but at home where, as the saying goes, "everything is easy"

- The cost of surgery is significantly reduced, as there is no need to pay for the hospital stay

- Patient can quickly return to normal rhythm of life

- Surgery does not interrupt your and your loved ones usual rhythm of life!

- Psycho-emotional trauma is reduced (it is especially important for children)

More than 20 years of experience in outpatient surgery shows that risk of surgeries does not exceed such one while in hospital stay and complications in the postoperative period are much less common.