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Laboratory Diagnostics Center


Laboratory Diagnostics Center is one of the three FEFU Medical Center’s diagnostic units. The use of the latest technology, professionalism of the staff, and modern equipment allow us to conduct a wide range of examinations with high accuracy in the shortest possible time.

Types of Research:

Diagnosis of infectious diseases;
Diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract;
Cardiospecific Markers;
Coagulatory Study (Hemostasis);
Coprological (analysis of feces);
General Сlinical Trials;
Tumor Markers;
PCR-based diagnostics for infectious diseases.

To optimize the work of the Laboratory Diagnostics Center, the LabCell - Siemens modern automatation system was installed, which combines different testing disciplines: Hematology, Biochemistry, Immunoassay and Coagulation. This allows to simultaneously perform several types of analyses in a single fully automated system and to perform emergency tests.

The system, as well as the Laboratory Information System (LIS), which features the Laboratory Diagnostics Center, automatically conducts hematological, biochemical, immunochemical and coagulation testing and completely eliminates the manual operation, except for loading tubes in the sorter and recycling after completion of the work. This eliminates the human factor, as well as increases productivity of testing.

Performance of the LabCell system amounts to 1,600 tests a day. This performance is enough not only for examination of the Medical Center patients but also for examination of patients from other hospitals of the city that do not have their own laboratories. Such automation system is the only one in the Far East.

The Laboratory Diagnostics Center has the Microbiology Laboratory.

The Microbiology Laboratory is equipped with the Walk Away analyzer, which is a fully automatic system for detection of microorganisms and their antibiotic susceptibility.