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Comprehensive Check-Up Programs


The modern world is fraught with many dangers for human health: poor environment, constant stress, an unhealthy diet. Addiction to bad habits—alcohol and smoking—also negatively affects the human body and contributes to the development of serious and sometimes incurable diseases.

Doctors often hear from patients justifying themselves, that in hustle and bustle of everyday life they do not have enough time to think about their health. As a result a person only seeks medical help, already suffering from an advanced stage of the disease. Then follows a long and grueling treatment process, which causes huge material costs, rueful feelings of the loved ones, and does not always end in recovery.

Comprehensive Check-up Programs at the FEFU Medical Center are aimed at the prevention and detection of diseases in the early stages. This allows doctors to start treatment on time, and for the patient to avoid serious consequences and long rehabilitation.

We, at the FEFU Medical Center, are pleased to provide you the opportunity to pass a comprehensive check-up program without the loss of time and tiring queues. To do this, please provide your contact details either by calling +7 423 223 00 00 phone number or on the website at http://med.dvfu.ru/recording-when/ by clicking "Make an Appointment" menu button. Our medical specialist will contact you without any delay and will answer all your questions.

There is no need to go abroad for a high quality health care anymore.

In addition to the savings on the tickets and accommodation a patient gains confidence that s/he is at home, and we bear responsibility for her/him.

The FEFU Medical Center was built in preparation for the APEC Summit, and it is equipped with modern equipment of last generation. Highly qualified specialists provide all types of health care from counseling to rehabilitation on the basis of eight medical and three diagnostic centers in accordance with international standards.

The Medical Center Comprehensive Check-up Programs were created taking into account the experience of international clinics specializing in this field. Our experts will be happy to help select the desired program for you according to all your wishes and requirements.

Programs for Children

Прием ведет главный детский нейрохирург Владивостока, главный врач Медицинского центра Олег Пак2.jpg

Patients are treated by the Vladivostok Chief Pediatric Neurosurgeon, and the Medical Center Chief Physician.

It is rightly considered that many of our health problems are stemming from childhood. The FEFU Medical Center pays special attention to children's health. When creating comprehensive check-up programs for children, our experts have relied on the principle of preventive medical monitoring, well-established in the country. This approach allows us to evaluate the state of health of a child, based on the characteristics of the age group, from the very first days of life until puberty.


Programs to Identify Cancer Risk Factors

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 31,000 cancer cases were diagnosed in Russia in 2013. The main cause of deaths is that a patient seeks medical care in already advanced stage of the disease. Preventive health checkups are recommended to all people over the age of 40, at least once in two years. If there were cases of cancer in the family history, the interval between checkups should be reduced to once a year. Oncologists remind that cancer tends "to become younger" and, if the parents were diagnosed with cancer, for example, 60 years of age, it may develop in children in 30-40 years.

With each passing day, scientists invent more ways to recover from the deadly disease. But almost all of them are effective only with the timely seeking of medical care.

Women's Health Program

Gynecology comprehensive check-up programs are aimed at identifying the most frequent diseases in women. Basing on the check-up results the qualified experts of the Women's Health Center will consult on all issues of interest and arrange surgical treatment if necessary. The main activities of the Women's Health Center are as follows: surgical treatment of infertility, genital tumors, organ-sparring surgery for uterine fibroids; all types of intrauterine surgery (hysteroscopy, hysteroresectoscopy), removal of polyps and fibroids from the cavity of the uterus, dissection of adhesions and partitions, as well as conservative therapy routine of gynecological diseases.

In recent years, medical tourism to neighboring countries has become popular in Primorye. But now the residents of the region no longer need to go to a foreign country, to pay for flights and accommodation. The FEFU Medical Center has everything you need to provide quality medical care, all the necessary types of clinical trials. Comprehensive check up programs are prepared in such a way that basing on their results the doctors will be able to evaluate the activity and identify the problems of all the vital functions of the body. The Far Eastern Federal University Medical Center is established to provide quality health care to the residents of Primorsky Krai and the whole Far Eastern District. To do this, the clinic is equipped with the state-of-the-art medical equipment that can detect a disease at an early stage of development and carry out surgical treatment with the reduction of the rehabilitation time in the healing stage.

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Maximum Program

This program is aimed at deeper examination and testing of all systems and processes of the body. It often happens that the patient does not feel the pathological changes (as it occurs, for example, in cancer development). This is the only comprehensive check up, which requires a two-day hospitalization. Its price includes a stay in a comfortable private room and full board special diet meal.

Specifically Oriented Check Up Programs

As doctors say, there are no healthy people, just patients that have not been examined thoroughly enough. Unfortunately, there is a deal of truth in this saying. Nowadays, every day most people in the world are faced with various forms of diseases, without understanding the reason for their occurrence. Quite often, these diseases are chronic and torment us daily. The Specifically Oriented Check Up Programs were created in order to determine why you are experiencing a particular problem... It is only when a doctor has a clear idea about the source of the   problem, s/he will be able to help the patient. After passing the examination, our specialists will give necessary explanatory comments and clear recommendations for further treatment.

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