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Chronic Pain Treatment Center


The prevalence of chronic pain in society is estimated by various authors from 15% to 70% (and up to 80% according to some estimates) of population. In the world of medical practice, an understanding of the importance of the problem and real economic damage from chronic pain syndrome has led to the allocation of a separate specialty of chronic pain management (Algiatrist). Currently, specialized pain clinics, dedicated departments in health centers and university clinics in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and China operate in the world.

Unfortunately, until recently, little attention has been given to this field in Russia. Nationwide, there are several dozen departments that specialize in the treatment of chronic pain, as well as separate units in private clinics, which, of course, cannot cover the need for this form of medical care. The problem also lies in the fact that many people do not know that chronic pain can be successfully treated, and therefore do not seek help.

It should be noted that the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain syndrome require integrated and multidisciplinary approach. This means that this process can and should be used by physicians of the most different specialties. It is therefore the advantageous position when dealing with such patients occupy major medical institutions, which have all the diagnostic tools, unite a variety of specialists in one place, and can offer a full cycle of activities—from making a diagnosis to rehabilitation, as well as, if necessary, surgical treatment.

The FEFU Medical Center became such medical institution in Primorsky Krai. The most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and specialists are gathered here, who constantly improve their knowledge and skills by studying in Russia and abroad.

List of pathologies to treat in the Chronic Pain Treatment Center:

·         Chronic pain in Oncology;

·         Headache and facial pain;

·         Neuropathic pain (diabetic polyneuropathy, alcoholic polyneuropathy);

·         Muscle pain;

·         Back pain (radicular pain, not radicular pain);

·         Myofascial pain;

·         Shoulder–wrist pain syndrome;

·         Compression neuropathy or tunnel syndromes;

·         Fibromyalgia;

·         Post-amputation syndrome;

·         Complex regional pain syndrome.

List of procedures and manipulations carried out in the Chronic Pain Treatment Center:

·         Consultation (inspection, reviewing documents, selection of primary therapy, making the decision for the need of invasive procedures);

·         Paravertebral blockade;

·         Intercostal blockade;

·         Injection of local anesthetics in trigger points;

·          Epidural introduction drugs (corticosteroids, local anesthetics Narcotic analgesics);

·         Intrathecal introduction of narcotic analgesics;

·         Implantation of a permanent central venous port;

·         Permanent implantation of epidural port;

·         Filling, setting an infusion pump for intravenous or epidural administration of medicines;

·         Blockade of the facet joints at different levels;

·         Selective nerve root blockade;

·         Stellate (cervicothoracic) ganglion blockage;

·         Lumbar sympathetic blockade;

·         Neurolysis;

·         Implantation of neurostimulator.