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Outpatient Clinics

The FEFU Medical Center Outpatient Clinic includes the Adult and Children's Consultation Clinics.

The clinics carry out treatment of general therapeutic, pediatric pathology, and that of internal diseases. The main objective is to provide highly qualified consultative medical care to patients with unclear diagnosis and patients with complex pathologies, as well as the selection of patients in need of high-tech medical care within the quotas of the federal budget of the Russian Federation.

The work of the clinic's medical personnel is based on the principle to place the interests of the patient above all else.

For the visitors of the hospital to feel positive emotions, the atmosphere has been created, similar to that of a hotel (access to nature, terraces, cafeteria, grand piano, and art gallery). The interior is decorated in a modern style with the genuine color solutions.

The clinic offices are divided into three zones for: physicians, narrow specialist doctors, and surgery. Patients wait for appointment by sitting on the cozy soft sofas. 

The decentralized registration principle is applied in the clinic for the convenience of patients and doctors. The clinic is served by two front desks for registration: the first one, located in front of the entrance, serves patients referred to the Center for the first time, and the Internal Registration does the paperwork that doctors need after or at the time of the consultation.

Many specialists are PhD and DrSc, associate professors, and full professors of Pacific State Medical University and the FEFU School of Biomedicine.

The following specialists receive patients in the Adult Consultation Clinic:

·        Therapist

·        Endocrinologist

·        Cardiologist

·        Neurologist

·        Rheumatologist

·        Allergist / Immunologist

·        Dermatologist and Venereologist

·        Pulmonologist

·         Maxillofacial Surgeon

·         ENT Surgeon

·         Surgeon

·         Oncologist

·         Oncologist / Mammologist

·         Urologist

·         Neurosurgeon

·         Ophthalmologist

·         Traumatologist / Orthopedist

·         Osteoporosis Specialist

·         Otorhinolaryngologist

·         Gynecologist

·         Cardiac Surgeon

·         Thoracic Surgeon

·         Arrhythmologist

The following specialists provide appointments in the Children's Consultation Clinic:

·        Allergist / Immunologist

·        Pulmonologist

·        Endocrinologist

·        Pediatrician

·        ENT Specialist

·        Ophthalmologist

·        Neurologist

·        Surgeon

·        Podiatrist

·        Urologist

·        Neurosurgeon

·        Maxillofacial Surgeon